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LivingHome relaunches in 2014 as a home living service. This will be the fourth relaunch of LH since it debuted in 1994 as the Web’s first home living magazine. In 1995, powered the first relaunch as a sponsored digital media service for its first Web site, called The Hub, and actor Martin Sheen voiced the intro “LivingHome is brought to you by Toyota. I love what you do for me.”

In 1997, Home and Garden Television (HGTV) partnered with LivingHome for the first hybrid CD-ROM/Web home living magazine. The CD-Rom was sold at Barnes & Noble and included 60 minutes of video clips from HGTV with interactive tools on the disk and Web from LivingHome. Sponsors included Toyota, Pella Windows, Frigidaire, and MCI. The New York Times listed LivingHome as one of the best Home Sites in ‘97.

In 2000, LivingHome was named the “Top Pick” in the Dream Home category by USA Today Weekend (see image above). We were similarly honored in 2001.

In 2001, LivingHome developed the first-ever all video broadband channel for an ISP’s premier content offering. Our Time Warner Cable broadband channel featured several hundred video clips plus great home living content.

In 2008, LivingHome began focusing on emerging home-related online and mobile apps. We also featured curated content on digital options for home enhancement, such as download-to-print high resolution images from the Web.

Now, in 2014, the new LivingHome takes the next step in its evolution with a content and services focus on technology advancements for Web, mobile, social and local usage that let homeowners save time and make smarter decisions in enhancing life at their homes.